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Multilingual Lead Generation - Breaking the Barrier of Language for Business Growth/Expansion

Business and Sales, contrary to what most people think, are not number’s games. These are people’s games. Lead generation, too, falls in the same category as it is the way that you attract people to want to know more about your business and collaborate with you.

And, how do you win over people? With fluent and transparent communication!

Now if we narrow down to transparent communication, selling only in English can seriously limit the efficacy of your communication and business strategy in a global marketplace. The notion that English is a universal language does not fit well in 2020.

We are living in a time where there is a pressing need for businesses and brands to remodel their marketing and communication approach to make sense across varied international markets and cultures. Needless to say, the impression you make on your leads will be far more productive and free-flowing if you communicate in their native language.

While most large organizations do have an excellent command over English, most small organizations or companies outside of major cities, or in specific regions, feel more comfortable dealing in their local language. Let’s take countries like Japan, China, Spain and France for example. While these countries do use English for some communication the strong emphasis still remains on using their native language for business dealings.

In addition to this, the research conducted by the Common Sense Advisory in their “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy” series also suggests that 40% of global consumers won’t make a purchase if the marketing communication is in other languages. This result is based on an exhaustive survey of 956 business users of high-tech products and services in 24 locales, conducted from November 2019 to February 2020.

In another shocking revelation by the U.S. Council on Economic Development it was estimated that American businesses alone lose over $2 billion every year solely due to lack of language and cross-cultural skills.

So if you are looking to scale up your business to an international market, having multilingual skills as a part of your overall communication strategy – be it for your website, customer support, appointment setting, or lead generation- is a must!


Benefits of Multilingual Lead Generation

There are several benefits of adapting multilingual skills to your lead generation and overall communication strategy. Some of the most prominent ones include:


Enhanced Customer Experience & Better Conversions

The most basic advantage of communicating with your leads in their native language is that it enhances customer experience by building a level of trust and respect in your business relationship. It helps your customers feel understood and understand your message clearly, thus prompting them to be more engaged in your conversation. And, the more meaningful and engaging your conversations, the higher the chances of conversion.


Higher Trust Rate and Better Opportunities

Common Sense Advisory Survey suggests that 40% global consumers won’t buy in other languages and 70% buyers take important buying decisions only if specs shared are in their native language. So if you approach your clients in their native language, taking into account the nuances of their local culture, you can establish trust between your organization and the client leading to greater opportunities in closing the deals.


Competitive Advantage

When you enter a new international market, you compete against all the local businesses. Since businesses are mostly established on the foundation of value, trust, and transparent communication, local businesses may have an advantage. However, you can level the playing field by adopting a multilingual strategy and removing the language barrier for a free flowing communication.


Reduced Risk

In a pre-sales environment that is centered on clients and their needs, your business must ensure that no significant data or information is misunderstood or lost in translation. So as to remain on the correct side of the law, you need to address clients in a transparent manner, in a language they genuinely comprehend. Having effective multilingual skills can thus help you stay in compliance with international market standards and reduce risk.


End-to-end Multilingual Lead Generation Support

Beyond Codes helps businesses break the barrier to language as well as the barrier to entry to help them grow and expand their business to international markets with ease.

With a wide pool of foreign-language speakers who are proficient in varied languages, we provide end-to-end multilingual pre-sales appointment setting and lead generation support, both for India-based organizations exploring the markets abroad and multinational organizations looking to expand their worldwide reach.

Get in touch with us today to find out how Beyond Codes can help ease your lead generation journey and extend your global outreach.


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